“One ill turn deserves another…”

I just learned a few minutes ago that Osama Bin Ladin is no longer among us. After watching the news on MSNBC, my only thoughts went to some American Dad episode, where bin Ladin was disguised as some random American worker in an office, I thought it was funny due to it being a parody of A Beautiful Mind. So now we honor the deaths of hundreds of people, by killing the one who orchestrated their demise. I don’t feel any joy nor contempt towards the death of this man. I wonder however if it is really virtuous to visit death upon someone, which makes me wonder what would I do were I in that situation. Should any member of my immediate family be killed, will I set about a personal vendetta? I know people are going to ask me about this, and I honestly don’t know what my response will be, because I know they’ll ask me that particular scenario.

On the other hand, we fixed Norm’s car, so now I have a means of transportation once more. Let’s just hope it lasts long enough for me to have my own car fixed. My thoughts now go to an uncertain future… There’s Tiffany, when I explained the situation to Norm, he seemed skeptical about the fact that she said that she’s not ready to be in a relationship yet due to her breakup on the 2nd of April, through a text message of all things… I have to wonder what’s wrong with this world, Are we that cowardly that we’ve become safe in our digitized worlds that we lack the courage to even say “good bye” face to face. But still… There’s something about Tiffany that makes her stand out on her own. Something about those eyes that have a sort of passion and they seem to shine rather brightly when I look at them… To think that now my once youthful mind, that needed no one, now desires to have those baby blues before me, her smile seems to make me feel like this world is worth fighting for. People often would tell me that any girl would be lucky to have me, and it’s a strange thing to be told, especially a guy like me, I often do not think about performing good acts simply because I’ll be praised or there’s something I can hold someone to, I do simply because… I want to. I find it strange to have a reason to perform a good act for someone else. Granted, if I was betrayed by someone in the past, I’m going to be a little hesitant to help them out once more, but I know that my Heart won’t let me stand idly by, ha ha ha, it’s funny, am I a good person even during the times when I don’t want to be?

Well too bad being a good person doesn’t help me get into medical school, I have to go study now, and prepare for my quiz in Human Gross Anatomy tomorrow…. Still like I told that guy from Loma Linda Univ. I cannot deny who I am, I am one who helps others, whether I sacrifice myself, my time, or my life, I will not deny the cries of the people around me. I… can’t… I’d lose my soul if I did. Perhaps that’s why I got the sense that he didn’t like me. Meh, I will be a doctor, no matter what it takes, I will do this!

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