Distant World

I’ve just been reminded how far I am from the people of my generation — or the generations after me, as well! Caitlyn came in the office, asking for a massage from me, and although I laughed at the manner in which she requested it due to the manner in which she asked, it just sounded so dirty.

In either case, She hadn’t understood how superficial her beliefs are, nor the quickness in which she simply gave up on the whole concept of love. Yet, she’s still ‘in love’ with her Ex-boyfriend who cheated on her a year ago. That poor girl. How fragile her world is, yet she loves the drama, sigh… this generation, so caught up in petty things, that they forget to realize how much life there is all around them.

Meh, one day in her life (hopefully soon!) she, and all of the people of their generation, will be slapped by the unforgiving hand of Reality.

Crap! I’ve gotta think of a way to hang out with Tiffany later on today! Damn!… ok, think carefully, all I can think of is hanging out at Tyler Mall… Would she be ok with that? What else is there, if she doesn’t like that? heh heh, this is going to be interesting tomorrow, I cannot forget to think of SOMETHING!

Heh, is this the purpose of my “Personal journey” ? I guess it’s more like the logging of events that are on my mind. In either case, Whatever is on my mind, I will place here. This is where my thoughts will be engraved…. Now if I can just think of something to do with Tiffany…

Hmmm now that I realize it, the title of my posts never gets fully explained in the actual post itself… Well, the meaning behind this is that No matter where I am in this life, This world — or rather the people in it, will always see the world differently than how I see it. And they find it as the strangest thing, that I’m the strange one. When they bear the ironic sense of detachment that everyone around them shares, I look at them with caring eyes and a sense of optimism and they’re scared of it! oh well, I guess that’s just funny stuff…

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