Death and all its humor

Today around 1800, 3 people were shot and killed. I do not know these people, my only correlation to them is that La Sierra Univ. is near the street where the shootings took place. Yet, people are shocked at the notion of this, I wonder if they realize that people die everyday, in much worse settings, and in far worse ways…

Today was rather peaceful, I walked and took the bus to the Visterra Bank on Indiana, and I liked the feeling I felt on the way back, of just walking along a lone road, no one behind me, no one in front of me. This road is mine and mine alone to walk upon, no one else matters, no one else can walk this path that I am walking… Everything seemed to have a place, and I noticed myself smiling throughout the ordeal. It was like an unusual reminder that I am much older than when I was taking the bus to RCC for the first time. It felt like I was smaller before, and I had grown in size and girth.

A strange feeling to have…

But now I feel as if God is trying to remind me of how I was back then, granted it is what I prayed for, and I’m beginning to remember the gentleness of the wind, the vast ocean that is Time, the lack of a car which translates to me as, lack of being ruled by ones possessions.

Hmmm… I wonder what else is going to happen to me, with these increasing developments that are occurring… Heh, this ought to be interesting!

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