I am Home…

I know this isn’t a big event in my life as to the fact that I will always come home, but believe me, I love the feeling of coming home, the feeling of familiarity, the relaxing feeling that consumes me, ahhh, I truly love it. I missed everyone here, well the people who missed me, anyways. John’s more like, “Oh, it’s you.” heh, it’s a bit difficult to miss someone who doesn’t care much for you. But I’ll always try to maintain some positive aspect of John, it won’t be easy, but these are the Tests.

On the other hand, I’m currently reading Dante’s Inferno as well as exercised with Norm earlier today. Heh, he tried to wear me out during our jog, but I managed to keep a smile throughout the entire time. Oohh.. but it felt good to exercise again! I told Norm that we should do this every week, let’s see how long we can maintain it.

Not much to report today, other than it’s good to be home! Let’s see how much of Dante’s Inferno I can understand.

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