Looking for the perfect Flame Background

I had intended to write a blog post yesterday, but it slipped my mind. Lately I’ve developed an interest in finding a background for my laptop, a more suitable one that matches my love for fire and anime and honor. I’ve settled for a fire demon with a grand stance that I found rather appealing. I’ll admit that I was looking for a Knight, or an Angel, and I have found some that are pretty good, I suppose the Demon will do for now.

You know, I realized that the exact poses or images that I was looking for, weren’t there, so I was thinking to myself that I should take up drawing again, to make those poses that I wanted to see. However, I suspect that I won’t have the coloring down, nor will I have the means to continue drawing if I plan to continue to fulfill other desires like finishing the Divine Comedy, or starting and finishing all of the other books I plan to read, or completely learn how to play the piano, or fully learn Spanish. Heh, it seems that I have given myself a lot of things to do. It’s strange how when I have a moment of free time, I wind up playing video games… Oh well, my cultural side will eventually scream loud enough for me to hear it.

The weekend is almost here, and tomorrow I will go home early! I’m glad for that! No work for 3 days! Although that means that my next paycheck is going to be shorter than usual due to the short hours. But meh, I know this isn’t about money… It’s strange Gabe is now one of the many people who thinks that my going to medical school is going to be a certainty. Despite the challenges that lie ahead, how are they so certain? I suppose if I know what I’m supposed to do, it’s just a simple matter of just doing it. MCAT, the difficult classes, and anything else on the list, Just do it.

And now, as my day is about to end, I try to think about what it is that truly defines me, after all it took me a long while before I ‘settled’ for my current background, I have yet to stop searching, and now I realize that if I want my own background, I’m going to have to make my own. Just like this life, where I’m going to have to make my own path as well. I must use everything that I have in my possession to try and fight off all evil and temptations, as well as every negative force within myself. I cannot let anything, not even my own desires, fears, or demons, get in the way of my goals!

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