To stop or keep going

At the current moment, I’m trying to find out whether or not I should text Tiffany, I haven’t said a ‘Good Morning’ nor a ‘Good Night’ in a couple of days, upon looking at my phone I’ve been texting her since the end of April, and her responses are far and few in between. So I’m hesitant in still texting her. Well, Norm, amongst his dating history rant, said something like “If you want her to like you, you have to create the opportunity. It’s not going to come to you.” and I remember on Facebook, Tiffany emphasized effort when it came to relationships. But that’s the thing, from the beginning, I felt as if she used the ‘I just got out of a relationship’ as an excuse to NOT go out with me. I never saw her with a boyfriend… nor did I see any interaction involving her and another guy, in a relationship-like form. Bah… I’m ranting. In either case, this hilariously seems like a bad beginning to a chick flick, “Hopeless Romantic tries his luck against several women, only to have them put him down gently.” Hmmm… ‘Create the opportunity’ yet I have NO memory of Norm ever having a girlfriend! He mentions a girl that used to ‘come all the time’ but I barely remember anyone matching her description. In either case, I wouldn’t put it past him to have secret girlfriends, which makes me take his advice with some considerable salt. Still… He’s right in the sense that I have to work at it, just to start it all.

Well, After my Gross Test, all I could do was laugh at my efforts, I don’t even know how I did, there was really one question in the lab that I didn’t know. But I have to study for D. Bio now, I have a quiz in it tomorrow and I need to start doing better on those… I think I will text her to see her reaction for my absence, if I got nothing, then I guess I was deemed unworthy of her attention.

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