“You are the best uncl everB-)”

This is the text I received from Isabella, through her mother’s cell phone.

The girls, my sister, and my brother-in-law are now back in Chicago, Norman and I had caught up with them on Friday at Pismo Beach, and we spend the whole weekend in the hotels, it was as close to Heaven I’ve ever been. We chatted, I fulfilled a mini-quest of life: Eating Chocolate covered insects. This was established when I learned that Pismo Beach had this, after I had left the place the first time.

And now I’m back home, back in the sunny and hot valley that I live in. But since the girls are gone, I can explore other activities, right now, for 3 days of the week at 7pm, I will exercise, and I’ll do the Spartacus Exercise Circuit I found a while ago, I attempted it, and failed miserable, not only did I quit on the first circuit, but I failed to complete it! I gave up after the 4th exercise! Also I threw up before I took a shower, which added even more to my guilt.

I know a journey of a Thousand miles begins with a single step, but I didn’t know I was this bad. Oh well, right I’m trying to look up motivational images to keep and look at when I’m in need of them.

Hmm… my mind is scattered today, I meant to write something inspirational, but it has slipped due to procrastination. Well if I think of it, I’ll post it, for now I’m going to try to finish the rest of the circuit that I was supposed to do yesterday.


Ok, I actually finished it! but I was only able to do it once! Tomorrow will be my resting day, and I’ll try to maintain this routine: M, W, F – 1900 hours, a jog, Spartacus Circuit. It’s tough! Especially the leg exercises! But I have to keep going! I will maintain these exercises! Heh, Melissa wants to trade photos, hmmm… I’m curious to the idea that she still wants something with me. One can only hope.

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