Today was rather interesting. Updates on several different aspects of my life.

My car is getting progressively worse, something metal is grinding against something else that’s metal, I’m starting to pray that I get home in one piece. Heh, I keep imagining my car just careening out of control after something snaps and initiates my doom, causing my car to tumble and flip in many different times, and finally crashing in a manner that causes either some severe handicap like blindness or causing me to become a paraplegic, or the alternative, my death. Heh, such are my thoughts, and everything thinks I’m just an optimistic guy…

Another update is UCR. Apparently, my money from the PLUS loan never got through, so I have to try and fix that, otherwise my suffering at the hands of Organic chemistry would be for naught.

I exercised today, although I was going strong, I believe that my weekend of Popcorn and soda, and whatever else junk food I ate, caught up with me, so I was only able to finish 5 out of the 10 exercises. But as a plus, I didn’t vomit afterwards, although I could feel the urge coming. Heh, so a Personal Victory there.

So for now, I’m going to see what’s the problem with my car tomorrow as it’ll have my entire focus for the whole day. So let’s see if I can at least find out the problem tomorrow.

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