Keep Going

Today, I picked up my brother John from his work, and I didn’t have much to go against it. Although he kept speaking the whole time, ranting about random stuff, so I kind of tuned him out, this was common, after all, everytime I try to participate in the debate, he doesn’t understand what I’m saying, and then, he’ll just disregard it as non-sense. Heh… it’s kind of funny…

Well today, my father informed me that my car, with it’s grinding sounds and whatnot, is relatively fixed, at least in the sense that I won’t have to worry about my car flipping out of control and causing a numerous car pile-up on the middle of the Freeway. So for now, the Bearings need to be replaced, and the drive shaft needs to be worked on, but none of these things are life-threatening… Well, shouldn’t be, but I still kind of freak out while driving.

So now, that’s all I really have to worry about. And I can now focus my attention to other endeavors, like Nursing School and what to do afterwards.

Now I have to be off, it’s my turn to wash the dishes, heh.