Well I spoke to Diana today, she seems to be doing well today over in Oregon, but I’m afraid that the whole rush of being out there in College might cause her to make some mistakes. I know that this rush gets to us all, heh, I can only imagine what crazy stuff i would’ve gone into. Perhaps I’d go so far as to say, shameful.

Ok due to the last 2 days I’ve been working from midnight to 4am, hence my small absence and due to a slightly skewed sleeping pattern. but meh, I’m going to need the money, for the upcoming school classes.

Ahhh, that reminds me, I’m still planning out my future, I talked to Nena and she thought that my going into Nursing for a while was a step backwards, after I explained to her my situation and how much disdain I received from the representative of LLU, it was insulting. I know my grades aren’t the best, but this guy was so shallow, I couldn’t believe that he was an adult in the first place.

So that opens up new avenues because if this man represents the people and ultimately the world of Loma Linda Univ. Then I would want no part in that, it’ll be just like La Sierra, except with the arrogance and snottiness of the ‘children’ amplified.

Well I better sleep, I have quite a few things on my plate and I’m going to be fighting a Warhammer Storm of Magic fight tomorrow with Norm and Greggy.

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