Memoro De La Stono

On Sept 10th 2011, Greggy, Norm and I went to UCLA to see the Distant Worlds concert in the Royce Hall. We left with 2 T-shirts, the Distant Worlds I CD, and smiles on our faces. We had such a BLAST! I am glad to have convinced Norm to buy the tickets. It was completely worth it. And then we saw the Man himself, Nobuo Uematsu. We also saw the creator of Final Fantasy, as well as other reps from the Square-Enix company, but just Uematsu being there, and sitting on the far end of the row behind us. *Nerdy Squeal* In either case, they completely made my night when they let us be the chorus for the One-Winged Angel, ahhh man, That was amazing!

Today, the three of us went to Vicky’s house and him and Dawn took us to get new clothes to wear for the funeral, we were joking and having fun, despite the reason why we were there in the first place. It’s strange to think about, it’s only 3 days until my Father’s funeral, Soon I will be standing over his grave watching his body go into the ground. Will I cry then? Will I come to terms and finally have it sink in that he is gone? I don’t know how I’m going to react, nor how I will be afterwards. Heh, well there’s no sense in thinking about it. That will just be a waste of my energy, and I’m going to need every shred of my strength in facing the challenges that lie ahead, after all, he’s going to be waiting until I walk away from LSU with my Degree.

Today we also celebrated Vicky’s Birthday with a Mocha tres leches cake, we all liked it, but I hadn’t had anything to eat the whole day, heh, I guess that’s my fault, anyways, we had Burger King before the concert and Denny’s afterwards, So now I am satisfied.

Several days ago, I told Diana about my father’s death and everything tied to it, I cried, somewhat, in front of her while we were camchatting, she was crying a bit herself, I believe she felt my heart in pain, which is why she was sad too. It’s strange to think of our bond, we met on the internet, and we decided to see each other a brother and sister, then upon meeting each other for the first time, she gave me 3 things that are now tied to my life forever: My Sib-Ring, the most direct manifestation of our bond; My Rosarita, a small turquoise rosary that I always keep on my person at all times, usually in the same pocket as my wallet; and My Dog is God spelt backwards, this one is kept in my personal folder with my most intimate possessions. I’m not sure why Diana gave me that, but she thought it would have been a good gift. Heh, I don’t remember what I had given her, it must have paled in comparison of her gifts for me…

But she did also give me another gift, the Gift of Brotherhood. With the Sib-Ring, I can now make some of my closest friends, family in the eyes of God, at the current moment, Diana, Heather, and Baby, have a Sib-Ring. I need to give one to David Felix, and that’s about all of the people I currently have to give the ring to. I love the Sib-Ring idea, to make family out of friends. I’m going to try to keep this for as long as I’m alive. Well, I can’t really think of anything else to say, other than, having more people talk about my father’s death, is helping me measure how far I’ve come in accepting the fact that he’s passed away.

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