Dear Friends

Today, I had a conversation with my Hermanita, Diana. She was betrayed by a boy that she liked, and my heart was moved by her pain, yet when I was consoling her, reminding her of who I have always seen her to be, The Final Fantasy song Dear Friends was playing in my head. And I do believe that this fits as a particular theme song for our bond, if we didn’t call each other brother/sister, we’d be very close dear friends…

… On a side note, she told me that she sometimes wishes I was her father, and other times wishes I wasn’t… I really didn’t know how to respond to that particular comment. But I guess, she just wished that I was around her during those dark days when she needed some support.

2 more days until my Father’s funeral, I have my clothes ready, now all that’s left is the day.

Oh, I got a text from Andrea, earlier, she needed me to get life insurance to help her out with her promotion, unfortunately I couldn’t get any due to the lack of a stable income. But she did suggest that we catch up on old times and I believe that I will take her up on her offer, it’d be nice to see an old friend, again, she had always hugged me so hard, and she’s rather beautiful I might add. But all that’s just mindless chatter, she’s happy with her boyfriend, or fiancee or whatever, I’m glad for her.

I find myself slipping from my sense of honor and looking up and looking at women kissing each other. This always happens in the late evenings, or rather early mornings when it’s around 2 or 3 am, why I’m even up at this hour, I have no idea. but I am disgusted with myself, and yet, I can not stop. I have to do something, I cannot stay up this late, on my computer. Obviously there comes negative consequences, such as staining my soul with just filthy images. I am better than this, I know I am, I just have to stop myself. Heh, “Early to bed and Early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” I guess I’m going to try to sleep earlier from now on.

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