Today was an alright day, there’s an impending fact that Nena and the Girls will be leaving soon, but I’m enjoying every minute I have with them.

I was about to look up lustful images when something struck me, I looked up Forgiving and Arieth’s Theme came on. Previously, her theme came on when I was praying the Rosary, a couple of days ago, and Mary the Holy Queen came and was speaking to me. We both figured that since that song came into my head, while I was with her, it’d become her theme, it’s soft and gentle, yet it builds up to become a force, strong and loving, like a Mother. I think this will be of some help later on. I mean, during this, a part of me wanted to look up lustful images, and yet… I didn’t. I just stopped. As if a gentle hand simply pushed me along, and ever so softly, took me away from those vulgar and harsh images. I’m glad… I was wondering if I was worthy of any sort of spiritual help and I think I have my answer. First the calming thought that those who bring me anger, aren’t aware of what they’re doing, and now this motherly force that’s trying to save me from myself, because I didn’t know better, I didn’t know what looking at these images does for my soul. I need to understand the gravity of my actions.

Well this one is going to be short, for now, I’m trying to find the perfect bear to send Diana, and I think I did. Now all that’s left is to pay for it and find out where she lives… Oh! and find out when our anniversary is.

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