Something new

So now that Nena and the Girls have left, I am now free to use my laptop at any time, seeing as to how I have no little girls to entertain. Heh, I already miss them. But now I’m filling out an entry earlier than I did the last couple of days.

So today, I tried explaining my opinion of Josue to Greggy, and he told me that he still has a good standing with him, and I said that if Josue still has that, then I’ll continue to show him respect, if not, then I will not go out of my way to do so. Sigh… It’s rather sad, because I hold no hesitation in saying such remarks. Heh, some ‘saint’ I am… So readily willing to throw away my brothers and blood, because of their lack of understanding, that’s not a good enough reason. It’s not good enough, because the choice to walk away is mine, and who am I to deny God who looks at me through my brothers’ eyes? Because He will know how I made them feel, and if I abandon them, then that will be placed against me in the Book of Life… Heh, He already knows all of the other marks that are against me. This would just be the last nail on my coffin.

I have to be better. For the sake of my Father, the two in one, and always being watched by them, I know I’m not the most perfect of guys, but I cannot make myself less worthy than I already am. Bah, now I’m just wasting my time, I should be asleep already. Heh heh, I’m now bored and full of energy because the girls have left. I suppose I should resume my training, before I get too lazy, I anticipate that my first day I’ll puke. Well, I suppose that there’s only one way to find out.

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