Time well spent

Yesterday I didn’t write a journal entry because I had completely forgotten, and this time my attention was being taken by Dante’s Inferno! Yes, I’m trying to finish reading that, and I probably will read it again because it’s rather difficult to understand it the first time. Also school started today, I found myself choosing Biochemistry I for my second class, but I don’t have to take the lab, so that’ll will put me at 7 units, which puts me at half-time status. So for now, I won’t have to worry about my loans for now. This should provide me with ample time to prepare myself for Nursing school, as well as backups in case I need another job to pay for them.

It’s kind of funny, I had missed the hustle and bustle of the campus during the quarters, and there’s Jazmin, that’s in 2 of my classes, so there’s a friendly face as well as some help, Baby’s also in my morning class so I’m already looking forward towards hanging out with her. So this being my last quarter doesn’t seem all that bad, I’m glad actually, heh, Baby actually made a sad face, when I told her I was moving northward, and her response? She’s joining the Navy. Ha ha ha! Life’s sure full of surprises, I’m excited to see what the future holds for me! Guess my prayers got an interesting answer! I had given the Lord my life, my future, and I’m given this. Although it’s short-term, and not perfect, (Because of my summer tuition not being payed out) I’m actually happy!

Final Notes: I exercised and didn’t vomit, as I anticipated, but I was only able to do 4 of the 10 exercises. Also, I’m making sure I pray my rosary and at bed at 11:00pm, so I’ve already broken that rule. Anyways, I’m off to bed.

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