Trying to Stay Above the Waters.

Today was a normal day at school, I was able to memorize the functional groups that are going to be needed for Biochem. And then I spend almost an hour looking at random images from Strakke’s Soup. Damn! This thing is addicting! I’ve wasted 20 more minutes! Sheesh! I’m being absorbed into the world of mindless words on random pictures, and due to it all, I’m finding nothing but unintelligent humor!

On an interesting note, I’ve seemed to have misplaced my green journal that Mom had given me so long ago, heh, I had some journal entries in there, as it was my first journal, before this. I hope I find it, otherwise someone is going to be left hanging as I haven’t written in it in quite some time.

Well, Sometime during the Fall quarter, I better start thinking seriously about what I’m going to do after it’s all done. Apply for Nursing school, preferably an accelerated BSN program, but someone mentioned getting a Master’s in Nursing… Now, there’s an idea… hmmm… More school, but will it be worth it? 2 B.S. or 1 B.S. and an M.S. I suppose having a Master’s would be great looking on an application, and I’m moving at my own pace, so there’s no deadline, or rush, except the length of the Fall Quarter. Heh, it’s always funny how I’m going to make this decision based on on-the-fly borderline-impulse, and over a few seconds, and yet, afterwards, I’ll defend my decision with my life, and all of my efforts. Ha ha ha, am I a fool? Or mad? No one in their right mind would do these things. Well, Harlan took the MCAT based off impulse, I guess he’d be one exception.

Anyways, I should be getting to bed, yet, I’m left wondering what Diana thinks is the definition of a ‘Lady’ or a ‘Man’. I, myself, have some, but I’ve made my own definitions, I don’t think she has, I think she’s gotten hers from modern society… *shudders* Wow, that’s a deeply disturbing thought, I hope she has high standards for these titles. Well we’ll see, because I know that she’s a good girl, still rough around the edges, but she’s got great potential, she is my sister after all.

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