1 down, 1 to go…

Today I switched shifts with Jenny Orozco, and was able to work in the mornings, thus allowing me to attend Mass and usher, like I used to do, during the Homily, I bought myself a St. Benedict medal, I figured, I should try to replace the one I lost back at the beach. I thought I had other Miraculous Mary medals, but apparently I don’t, so now I have to get one…

Another interesting development, I was using Cooliris to find images of lust once more, at first the urge was sublte, but I happened to catch a glimpse of two girls making out, and then I found myself looking up girls kissing, and when I switched to videos of girls making out, I suddenly grabbed my Crystal Rosary, that Mom had given me, and then I stopped and turned it off… Now you’d think that was a good accomplishment, but you’d be wrong. During the whole search, I hear a voice in my head telling me that I was getting closer and closer to falling into sin once more. My mind tried everything, from that voice, to reminding me that my cross above my bed was right next to me, and still, I ignored it all. It takes spontaneity for me to fall in and out of Sinning, from a quick glace to rapid movements.

I know I haven’t written in the last couple of days, because I was studying (actually studying) for my two classes, and work was a good enough excuse for me not to write in my Journal. Also, because of work, my training schedule has been messed up. I need to find a new time zone to exercise, I think 4pm or maybe 5pm, that way I can still get cleaned up for work when I leave at 7pm.

With a new St. Benedict medal, in my possession once more, I find myself somewhat puzzled as to what should I do with it, what hangs on my neck is the Crystal Rosary, that was actually designed to be worn, when I had first put it on, I realized it was heavy, and then I was reminded of Trigun, Wolfwood’s weapon, was also so heavy because it was full of Mercy, but I digress. So I can’t exactly attach the medal to this, for one, the rosary has the St. Benedict medals on it, I can’t attach it to my Rosarito, because there’s also a St. Benedict on that too, not to mention, that I want to preserve the Rosarito’s original form for as long as I can. So now, here I am with the medal and nothing to do with it, but I’m certain that I’ll find a purpose, maybe after I get the Miraculous Mary medal…

When I arrived at the Mass, everyone was greeting me for my long absense, and it left me with a feeling that I should try harder to attend Mass more often, for one, I like it, the Hymns that were sung were some of my favorites, also the Body and Blood of Christ are there as well, I should try to obtain this as long as I can.

Man, I’m getting a big belly, I have to start exercising again.


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