Staying on Track

So far, I’m staying ahead of my studies, I’ve finished my pre-lab, and I’m confident that the cooling weather will allow Mom to move around more freely.

For the last couple of days, I have found my emotions on a rather usual path. I’ve been on the breaking point more often than I can count! This is rather interesting, and lately I’ve been reading about becoming in tune with one’s emotions in order to mature as a man.

I’ve always be detached from my own, so this has been quite the obstacle for me, For the next events, I have to keep my eyes open for the opportunity to grow properly, it’s going to be tough. Especially since I’ve been distracted writing this journal entry the whole time. Heh heh…

Family, Death, and Heaven

Earlier today, my mother scared us, by calling me to see her due to her not feeling well, I was in the living room watching T.V. and upon hearing this, I grabbed my cell phone, because I thought that I might have to call some paramedics to take her to the Hospital. My heart was beating faster, I had a bad feeling about this, needless to say, I was concerned, I was half expecting her to following my father, then and there. I prepared myself for my mother’s death, a long time ago, yet I still knew that it was going to be rough, I mean nothing prepares one for Death, especially with the death of someone close.

All I could ask God was, “Was this it? Is this the time to take her?” But upon placing a damp cloth upon her forehead, Greggy and I were able to lower her blood pressure, although the machine indicated that it was a subtle decline. She started to feel better, which is what allows me the time to write this entry. I will be checking her pressure in a few minutes.

Heh, with this in mind, I cannot think much about anything else. I feel myself wanting to talk to Diana, it’s a subtle feeling, but it’s there. I guess, she’s the one I feel to go to to express and explain myself. Heh, that’s kind of strange, she reminds me of Lily when I’m trying