Family, Death, and Heaven

Earlier today, my mother scared us, by calling me to see her due to her not feeling well, I was in the living room watching T.V. and upon hearing this, I grabbed my cell phone, because I thought that I might have to call some paramedics to take her to the Hospital. My heart was beating faster, I had a bad feeling about this, needless to say, I was concerned, I was half expecting her to following my father, then and there. I prepared myself for my mother’s death, a long time ago, yet I still knew that it was going to be rough, I mean nothing prepares one for Death, especially with the death of someone close.

All I could ask God was, “Was this it? Is this the time to take her?” But upon placing a damp cloth upon her forehead, Greggy and I were able to lower her blood pressure, although the machine indicated that it was a subtle decline. She started to feel better, which is what allows me the time to write this entry. I will be checking her pressure in a few minutes.

Heh, with this in mind, I cannot think much about anything else. I feel myself wanting to talk to Diana, it’s a subtle feeling, but it’s there. I guess, she’s the one I feel to go to to express and explain myself. Heh, that’s kind of strange, she reminds me of Lily when I’m trying

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