Catching up on some Lost time.

Today I started another blog, it’s called “The Fire Within” it signifies the persona I have reserved for how Ancient and wise Fire truly is, rather than some random destructive force that has no hesitation. I think it’ll help me perfectly utilize my fascination with quotes and wisdom, by allowing me the opportunity to explain my point of view.

A few days ago I was praying a rosary, and upon offering it, I imagined myself, being interviewed by a doctor asking me what makes me so special more so than the other candidates. Upon said question, I told him that it is in my name to become a doctor, Abraham already reserves a challenge for me to face. Zeus was a difficult one, I found myself using the part of his story, when he over-threw the Titans and molded the universe to his liking, also by commanding his brothers and sisters like a general, for Castillo, I saw myself using the symbol of a Castle, how, despite, the fact that there are many castles throughout the world, each castle is individual and special, also the castle harbors the soul of the man, in this case, my soul, my values, my hopes, my dreams will constantly be bombarded by many enemies, yet due to the strength of my foundations, which were my ancestors and immediate family, I will withstand each attack until every stone has been knocked over.

I found myself shocked as to how I came to this image. For a time, I have yet to find an answer to the question “What makes you so special?” and although many people can provide me with reasons, the problem lies in that it is their perspective, and I needed an answer to describe myself, the problem is: My self-confidence is rather skewed, where I hardly talk good about myself, I usually don’t hesitate in achieving my goals. I think I’ve received my answer. With some rehearsal, and fine-tuning, I think this is the best answer I can give when someone asks me “Why am I different?” It kinda funny actually, thinking and pondering over something people would look at me and think “Are you kidding? Just look at you!” I guess this symbolizes the idea, that although I am a good man, and trying to do what’s right to my knowledge, I find myself, standing infront of a mirror asking “Who are you?”

Abraham – Father of a Nation, Title for greatness, Leader, Teacher, Mediator, Guide
Zeus – Symbol of the potential one has to change the very universe itself, Leader, Guide,
Castillo – The foundation of my morals, beliefs, and symbol of my unwillingness to give up, despite failures.

My name is Abraham Zeus Castillo. My challenge is to live up to my name.