Chasing the Sunset

Today, everything was going well, except for the fact that I was tired enough to fall asleep while watching Yu Yu Hakusho with Norm and Greggy. When I driving to work, I realized that I had just missed the sunset, by a significant amount of time, and during the drive, I was hoping that I’d be able to see it before it descended into the mountains, but I was too late.

Today just a few minutes ago, I looked up kissing again, hoping that I’d catch something, in which case I did, something called ‘Standing Still’ which featured one girl trying to seduce another girl the night before her wedding. I also saw random clips of other girls kissing, but nothing too far. Soon after I started looking up dating websites, not registering but just seeing what was out there. Upon reflecting, it became obvious to me that my desire to look up women kissing leads me to looking up girls to date, yet I know that I will not try anything, and an inner fear comes over me, it’s rather strange… I think it’s my libido trying to find something to unleash upon. I cannot let that happen at any time before the time I have designated to be the correct time. This is only making me worried that while dating, I might jump into making mistakes, spur of the moment, and that can lead to a LOT of problems.

I modified my public post, it is now called Pearls of Wisdom, and for the little image it’s the Matrix from Transformers, in a Motivational Poster design, it’s pretty cool. Well I have to get some rest now, because I have a quiz tomorrow, and no reason in pushing myself up so late tonight.