Interesting day

Today I woke up at 12pm, only to realize that Mom wanted to go to the Stores to pick out a new mattress for her bed, so I got up and was out the door in a matter of minutes. We went to Sam’s and got some stuff that we needed and were out of there with enough time for me to watch TV for 5 minutes. I also got a text from Tania, asking me to show up 15 min.s early so that she can leave to go to her appointment. I always thought she was kind of cute, but something about her seems to throw me off her scent. I think it was the way she spoke, it was alright except for the occasional slang that was thrown in here and there.

At work I received a call from Pastor Sam asking for the officer because some old, homeless guy was cursing and being disruptive, it was strange because of the randomness of it, but nothing came from it.

Heh, for my lunch, I asked Ashley what she wanted, to pay her back for bringing me a burger last time, and after a little interrogation, She finally requested some Jalapeno Poppers from Jack-In-The-Box. So I was driving and arrived at the cashier asking for some Jalapeno poppers, and to her surprised look,  she told me that they don’t carry them, because I was in Carl’s Jr, also that Del Taco might have some. So I left and went to the Drive-thru at Del Taco, only to be trapped when they told me that they didn’t have any either, so I finally reached Jack-In-The-Box, and got the Jalapeno poppers for Ashley and got an Outlaw burger for myself, I barely got back to work in time. Upon reflecting, I should have just gone from Carl’s straight to Jack-In-The-Box. I have no idea why my mind forgot where Jack’s is and have decided rather than go straight to Jack have another ‘brilliant’ plan and try something else. Well Ashely and I had a good laugh about it.

I was stumbling later on and came across a video about Aliens and crop images, and one came out with a message that was able to be translated through Binary, it referrenced False Prophets and gift-bearing liars. I thought it was interesting because there was an image along with it, which resembled the classic alien face that we all knew. It just makes me think that while we’re getting all this information, either for good or bad, I think we’re missing something vital, and this is going to be needed when the time comes…