“Show restraint in one moment of anger, and save yourself one hundred days of regret.”

The first and most important aspect a wise person should bear is Patience. Patience encompasses all things, it allows us to stop and make time to step back and observe the world from another situation. Through patience we can learn to listen, without agitating other people, we can speak slowly and calmly and have our opinions heard, we can endure the forces of time and space with just a little patience, but, my friends, it goes far beyond that…

“Patience is bitter, but the fruit is sweet.”

In order to be patient, you have to look at simple examples throughout your life. I’m not talking about those self-help councilors who have tricks and techniques to help calm you down, no, patience is something far more than that. Simply look at the trees that are around you, it doesn’t matter whether or not that tree’s home is artificial or not, what’s important to that tree is to grow and only to grow. To extend its branches as far as it can reach and to withstand all matters of season and human interference. The tree focuses on what’s important and tolerates the rest, to trees, we are simply experiences that just happen, faces that pass by day-by-day, yet the trees do not lash out, nor do they push or shove people who are in its way. No, the trees stay and grow.

“A handful of Patience is worth more than a bushel of brains.”

Nature has patience implemented throughout the animal kingdom, the Turtle never rushes, the Spider lunges only when either desperate or certain, the Snake always waits before striking. What these animals have in common is that they understand the limited resources they have in and are willing to sacrifice for the greater good. They could never have made such a decision if they didn’t learn to simply wait, despite others attacking them, they know that recklessness leads to certain death, yet, if one simply was still, then perhaps an answer will arise. Patience allows us to not be completely consumed in the moment and therefore fail to see other alternatives, that would be much easier to take, or less painful, or even less expensive.

“A man who is a master of patience is master of everything else.”

To exercise patience, one must simply expand one’s mind beyond its limits. Or in layman’s terms, try seeing the world from other people’s perspectives, the main enemy to patience is close-mindedness. Even if it’s just, “I wonder what that guy across the street is talking about?” The very act of thinking in someone else’s way of thinking allows you to develop other alternatives besides what you’re most used to. To see the world from another perspective, you have to exercise thinking outside of your own eyes, think about how someone else is thinking/feeling, and you’ll be surprised to see as to different the same world is seen through different eyes. Thinking in manners other than your own is the first step towards becoming a wise person.

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