Death is like a mirror in which the true meaning of life is reflected.

Written by Sogyal Rinpoche, This pearl is rather interesting, because it helps us to think how we will be remembered when we die, or even if we will be remembered at all. Also, upon pondering death, we come to terms with the things we’ve done in life, or how we even view life in general, I personally think that the most interesting of people will either see Death as another horizon to cross or as a creature worthy of battle, racing against time and warding off the sickle he bears.

Every now and then, it’s often good to step back and view life from another perspective, or to reflect on actions taken and the consequences of those actions, now granted, you cannot see everything that has occurred, but often times it’s helpful to remain optimistic, in one’s reflections as it’ll provide a sense of fulfillment, albeit proportional to the action done, and it’ll avoid the self-doubting, and therefore harmful, thought processes like, “Why am I wasting my time?”

On the other side, Death can teach us a lot about life, it can re-arrange our priorities, and help us see clearly when it comes to what’s truly important and what is not. Suddenly, a sunrise has become more valuable than a new phone, a glass of cool water is better than the most caffeinated drink, Being still and absorbing the moment has become far greater than rushing around and beating the clock. The happiest people often are seen as wise, simply because they know the value of stillness, the language of silence, and the art of Nature.

So now we come to the quote, What is the true meaning of Life? How will we define what this experience we call, ‘Life’? Will it be full of sorrow and tragedy? Will it be full of scars and triumph over obstacles and tribulations? Or will it be full of happiness and joy, with love spread over the good times as well as the bad? The definition of ‘Life’ I believe to be the most sound of answers, is ‘Whatever we make it to be.’ In other words, the true meaning of Life is up to you to define.


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