Feliz Dia de Los Muertos

Today is the Day of the Dead, or Halloween, in some cultures. I love this day, I can take the American-ized route and focus on Zombies and Candy and Scaring kids, all of which I  love, or I can take the Tratitional, and/or Mexican-ized path, and honor my fallen relatives, like my Father or Grandparents. I personally like the idea of both, for the world, I will scare them and bring fear into their lives, but for myself, and perhaps future family, I will honor my dead relatives and pray a rosary for them, or remember the good times I’ve had with them.

Speaking of relatives, Mom’s presented me with an interesting turn of events, apparently Nena wants to use the money for her family, at Mom’s expense. Granted, I love my sister and her family, but I understand what Mom means when she says that Nena is thinking of her family first before the rest of the family. She tells me that she trusts me before anyone else, granted I don’t ask her for money and I know that should this responsibility fall on Norm, he’ll complain and say that that he’s doing everything and that he’ll whine and complain, not to mention that he doesn’t deal with pressure very well. When he didn’t get the job as a Truck driver, he stayed quiet and didn’t talk to anyone, he didn’t even eat anything, he acted… childish. I’ve always known Norm not to be everything that he appears to be, and I know that in certain crises that require action, he’ll freeze up or not step up to the plate. Yet, I know that this will change how they view me, Nena, Norm, everyone, they will see me in a different light, because now, Mom’s going to basically tell them that she trusts me above all of them. I don’t think Vicky will be angry, I think he’s distant enough to understand why Mom would trust me with it. Hmm… now that I think about it, Vicky knows a lot more than he gives off to be. But I think that we can trust him, should money wind up dividing the family.

I really hope that it doesn’t, I really don’t want to lose David and the Girls to “Money”. Money, the root of all Evil, why does greed lie so deeply within our hearts, I suppose the only thing I can do is just hold my ground, not get personal when I get attacked, and maintain the idea that the money is for Mom and Mom alone, no other person is to decide what to do with it. Not even me… Heh, this makes me scratch my head, because the first thing Mom does with said money, is pay for my UCR tuition and now she’s planning on buying a new car for Norm and myself. Sigh… This isn’t very re-assuring… I think this is going to be a fulcrum point for an argument. All I can do is just stand my ground.

I guess this is where trouble lies ahead, when the hours will be dark, when I will be forced to make a decision that will determine who I am because of how I have chosen to handle it. I can only hope that God has granted me the knowledge and wisdom to make the right decision for everyone to be happy.

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