“Do I have Time for a Smoke and a Pancake, or what?”

Sorry, I was just finishing watching Austin Powers: Goldmember. Heh, that last part is always funny, when John Travolta is the famous Goldmember. I’ve always loved that part.

Well since it’s been a while since I’ve last posted, I’m happy to inform that My sister is no longer suspected of trying to take the money for herself, Ahhh… I’m truly happy, my whole family is now united under one banner… so to speak.

I’m now happy to say that my Father can be proud with how we’re dealing with all of this. To stand together, is all he wanted from us, other than Josue and John, I’d say we’re pretty united.

Now all that’s left is to find out where we’re going and from then on, I can plan out when and where I can go to school, and ultimately find out the course of my future there. Here goes something, heh heh…

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