Remember, remember the 5th of November…

Today I woke up at 9am, the time I had set my alarm to, from then, I had planned on making Norm a good breakfast, but when I got downstairs he was awake waiting for us to go to the stores, heh, to my surprize, I had forgotten that I told him that I was going to wake him up at 9am. So we were out the door around 9:40am, and while we were chatting and joking at random stuff, we got to the Bank and ironically ran into the same individual that gave Mom trouble through misinterpretation of words. So after that little delay, we decided to eat breakfast at Farmer Boys, and now we were on our way to Sam’s and from there we picked up the stuff we needed, along with the Lunch for today, which was Winco Chicken and sides, All of these things are consistent of a normal day. When we got home, I asked if I could play Dead Rising, a game that is satisfying my desires associated with the Zombie Apocalypse, but was denied that chance, when I was reminded that it had been a couple of days since I was supposed to do the dishes, so I grabbed my iPod and went to work. Upon mid-way in tackling the pots and pans, Tio Manuel and his wife came by, which was rather random, they wanted to talk to my mom however she was feeling sick these last few days, and along with the weather changes, wasn’t up for talking much, we offered to let them speak to her for a bit, albeit, she can’t talk much, they declined because Tio is also suseptible to catching anything should he interact with a sick person. So they left, after Tio used the bathroom…

Suddenly, I found myself preparing my things because Mom wanted to go to the Urgent care, she was having difficulty breathing, and my heart sank. As we loaded her up in the van, I offered to stay behind and take the Tahoe to get to work, refusing Norm’s offer to have him drop me off, (in hindsight, I should’ve accepted) with the idea that Norm shouldn’t leave Mom for whatever reason. I found myself somewhat forcing myself to eat, yet the food didn’t taste very well, I was focused on Mom, which was rather strange, because I didn’t worry so much about her Hospital visits before. But this time was different… ‘I could lose her too…’ I thought, ‘Is it now? So soon? I thought she had more reason to stay…‘ Thoughts of her death being eminent ran through my mind, and before I knew it, it was time for me to go to work.

I searched Norm’s desk, the Key holder, nothing. So I’m thinking ‘Where did he put those keyes?‘ So I called Greggy, asking him to ask Norm where are the keyes, “… In my pocket… Tell him I’ll be there.” I hear in the background… ‘Stupid,’ I thought, ‘I told you to always put them away.‘ So after calling work, and having a little chat with Tania, telling her that I was going to be late, all I could do was just sit there and wait. I was watching Gladiator while I was eating, so I resumed watching that, occasionally glancing out the window incase Norm had returned. When he did, I asked him what the plan was, either to give me the Tahoe keyes, or the Van keyes, ‘Surely, he won’t still think to drop me off.‘ To my surprize, that was his plan: To drive to the Hospital, then get off, while I drive to work. After a little spat between us, we were alright, eventually joking with each other, towards the end. Now I was on my way to work, and when I got there, Tania welcomed me with a smile, and then I clocked in and she was out the door.

Work was rather normal, I was reading my new Manvotional book, along with chatting with Caitlyn, Baby and Lily for a little while, along with texting Marlena, the ending being Taylor a fan of Art of Manliness, which caught me by surprize, because I hadn’t expected anyone so near to me being a fan of them. Heh, suffice to say, I had convinced him to buy the new Manvotional book, also it was brought to my attention that today was the 5th of November, and several people repeated the London rhyme, “Remember, remember the 5th of November, the Gunpowder, treason, and Plot” to my own idiocy, I hadn’t made the connection. Norm had texted me a few minutes earlier that Mom was now ok, she had fluid built-up in her lung and that was causing pressure elsewhere in her torso. The doctor had given her a pill that would make her pee a lot, and soon, we found ourselves loading her up into the Tahoe and on our way home. I called John and Greggy called Josue, updating them on the situation. And now Mom was back in her room relaxing as before.

It’s strange, now that Mom’s my last parent, I find myself greatly preoccupied with her visits, I guess there’s a lingering fear that one of these visits will be her last. A fear I should put to rest, because she has no intentions of leaving soon, nor do I have any for leaving her. Images of myself falling towards my knees arise when I think that I’ll lose her, almost like, I’ve been defeated in a battle or something. I don’t want to think those thoughts anymore.

Well this particular entry is interesting, because I was thinking about my day, via Scrubs, where I sit down and put effort into thinking about what had happened throughout the day. Suffice to say, I’m able to remember the entire day… Which is a first for me, I usually don’t remember days in their entirety. Perhaps this is the start of a rather interesting trend, maybe I’ll have philosophical narratives to go along with it… I probably could do it…

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