A Lovely Clouded Evening

Today, as well as these last few days have been cloudy and I’m enjoying every minute of it. It’s strange how just having a cloudy day would brighten mine so much. I almost feel guilty because so many other people don’t like the clouds, they prefer routine weather, sunny with nothing more to it. Bah! Such weather drives me to creativity, which causes me to long for changes to the norm.

I guess I’m a guy who sees Life as constructed by different days, to have each day be completely different from the previous, and unattached to the next.

Today I did nothing but do the dishes, heat up the food, and play Insanely Twisted  Dark Planet, it’s rather addicting, and long with work right now, I’ve completed my completely unproductive day. I feel pretty good! It’s enticing knowing that I have nothing pressing upon my shoulders, although where I to put serious thought into my time, there are loads of things I could’ve done. But, I’m content with nothing. Stillness. Enjoying the moment for the sake of the moment.

I can only hope that Thunder and Lightening will come back and play with me again. How I miss them.

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