A person should want to live, if only out of curiosity

A Yiddish Proverb.

I like how this is rather short and light. Too often people have questioned their existence, yet I think this can help people start their journeys of life.

When more serious thought is put into it, it reveals that Life has no destiny, no set path, and in order to see how it ends, one must see it through. ‘Define Life in your own terms! You will never know what you’ll find on this path, unless you go out there and see it for your own eyes!’ These come to mind when I read this quote, Life has so many mysteries, There are volumes of Knowledge just begging to be learned, and the untapped potential that lies within someone is deeper than any ocean on this planet. The borders of this Life extend far beyond this world, imagine the galaxies that lie just beyond our grasp, and then you look at the universe that is within your own body and realize that you are a walking Universe with thousands of living and non living organisms just moving about their daily lives. Take it to another level and you have the unknown, unseen universe, Willpower, Control, Energy, Spiritual, Music, Art, Philosophy, Religion. Our lives are consisted of Thousands of worlds simply overlapping upon one another, and yet so few people realize how extensive their Life really is. All it takes is a little push, and sometimes that push is “I wonder if…” Normally I’m not a big fan of ‘If’ but there are occasional exceptions to it, and those are good especially if it causes you to test the limits of your world, and reach as far as you can, Shape the worlds into one that best suits your definition of what Life can be.

Start wondering what Life means to you, and you will not waste a single moment of it.

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