Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts

Said by none other than Albert Einstein. I wonder why people hardly associate scientists with anything other than chemicals and equations, when here we have a famous physicist who saw that there was more to life than the Laboratory.

What this Pearl consists of is the fact that too many people rarely take the opportunity to experience Life from a first-person perspective. I always tell people that I don’t trust critics, the reason why I say this, is because Life has more flavor when experienced first-hand. “I wish I could’ve been there.” “I’d given anything to go!” People have spoken these words at least once in their life, and the reason why they say this is because there’s something special about the moment that cannot be explained, to see the Band play, actually see every movement of the arm as the chord is struck or the falling of the drumstick as it hits that final cymbal, to see the face the singer wears as sings with out any digital ocean of 0’s and 1’s between you and them.

To know that despite the fact that you are simply one of many, or just by yourself, it is simply you and you alone that is in that full moment, Wholly, Entirely, Purely, Just you alone in that moment, everything will become a part of history, Your history. Having this engraved in your memory, every breathe, every moment that takes your breathe away, all of it.

For this Pearl, what is asked of us is to take every opportunity we have to see, feel, and experience Life for yourself. Be in the Moment, for it is yours, and yours alone.

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