“For Immortality!!!”

Today, Norm, Greggy, and I saw the Immortals, which was rather interesting, however due to my knowledge of Greek mythology, the Gods seemed really dumbed down, Power-wise, yet action-wise, it was pretty good. I loved how they fought, especially Athena, I don’t know who that woman is, but she can fight.

Earlier tonight, I had asked Mel, what she thought I would consider the kind of girl I’d go for, it was a rather interesting conversation, she thinks I go for the Intellectual type, Non-party girl. I’ll admit that I’m not the kind to find a girl in a Bar, or a Dance club. I guess a girl who’d understand that there’s more to this world than just what we see, Someone I can have a conversation with, Someone I can take to see a view and fully take in the moment.

Then the conversation took a twist as i said, finding a girl who would take a Martial Art, someone like that would show great discipline, someone who can understand the world beyond this physical and materialistic one, also someone who knows how to take care of their body. I can only hope that whoever I find, I will remember to put enough effort to fight for her.

So that in the end, my immortality can be achieved, by passing down knowledge and wisdom and good times with my own children. The art of being a Knight, a true Catholic Christian, and a Good Man.

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