Cinnamon, Oregono, and Lemon quarters

…. and a little Honey for flavor. These are the ingredients for a home remedy for the common cold, I was taught to make whenever I got sick. It tastes TERRIBLE, but I cannot deny it’s efficiency.

It’s been 2 days now, I’ve got a runny nose, and some phlegm in my throat. I’ve been pretty good, function-wise, yet all in all, I’m working at 50% of my normal capacity, I can tell my mind has slowed along with my actions, My temperature is elevated, should I move too quickly, my head throbs with some slight pain, heh, apathy is increased, along with cynicism and introversion, in proportion with the decline with compassion, enthusiasm, and energy.

Suffice to say, my being sick sucks, luckily my energy distribution allows most of my negativity to be aimed towards myself, so it makes life pretty funny, for me, and others. Alas I can only hope that I’m better before it’s time for me to go Bowling with my Library friends, otherwise I’m going to have to not show, despite that it could be my last reunion with them. Oh boy, this is not going to end well, should I not be well enough to go.

So I have to get plenty of rest, fluids, and relaxation. With having the week off from school, this shouldn’t be too difficult.

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