What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal

From Albert Pike, This Pearl talks about Philanthropy, and mean Altruistic.

In a world of Material empires, of digital worlds conquered, of friends frozen faces plastered over pixels on a screen, It’s strange how much of these things we do for ourselves, and only for ourselves.

For this Pearl, one must think about what one does for other people. I mean, really think about it, displays of kindness are not expected from other people, so it’s all the more effective when someone receives it. And whether or not your name was retained, the actions that you took will always stay with the individual. As optimistic as people can be, no one really expects kind acts from a random stranger, often times, people have reasoned with, “Why would they go out of their way to help me?” or “They do not know me, therefore they will not help me.” A kind act for a friend is somewhat expected, because you know each other, after all, but a kind act from a stranger, renews the idea that people are kind in general, that the world isn’t full of selfishness, of pessimism. The books of history are filled with people who have  stepped outside of their own comfort zones and have acted in a way, not of self-perseverance, but of selflessness, they acted with the ideals that they valued more than their own lives and safety.

Psychology 101, Professor Maslow has discovered that people have particular needs that are met before others are, a Pyramid of Need, if you will. At the Base of the Pyramid, are the most basic and dire of needs, that are fulfilled before anything else, these are Physiological, the need to breathe, eat, sleep, drink water, etc. Following this is the Security needs, a Home, a family, a social circle, etc. Upon this is the sense of Belonging, followed by Self-Esteem, and finally, at the Peak of the Pyramid, is the Self-actualization of one’s Needs, in this peak lies morality, acceptance, creativity, and so forth. Now with each individual in their uniqueness, the Pyramids are unique as well, with each need and desire, modified to the individual.

And now we reach the central message of this Pearl, To uphold and act on behalf of values, ethics, and morals, that will benefit others and not ourselves. This completely defies the afore mentioned Pyramid in placing someone else’s Base, or part of their Pyramid at your Peak. Now, as such actions are, the effort on the part of the individual who’s helping, can be minimal, yet for them, they bear the satisfaction of thinking of a lesser person, someone who isn’t a friend, someone who does not bear the resources to repay the act of kindness. For the target, it’s satisfying to them, to realize that there is still good in this world, that ‘Someone is watching out for them.’ Such an event can completely turn around someone’s perspective on how their day is going, their week, their Life. People are moved when hearts are connected and, although not often not intended, are encouraged to further the feelings of kindness and goodness.

A kind gesture can cause such a reaction that can change the very world for the better. and the one person doing the kind act, will forever live in eternity as the Selfless One, who but for however brief a moment, thought of someone else’s needs rather than his/her own.

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