“My advice to you is one thing: Pay Attention”

I was talking to my mother about the possibility of going to Medical School outside of the US. The idea at first seemed fascinating to me, going to another country, learning by stress and strain another language, and having the entire experience be cheaper, as I already have quite a bit of debt on my tab. Yet, She brought up a good point, How many doctors from Mexico have I met/seen? I know that there would be a lengthy process towards achieving doctor-hood, and I thought that because of my low GPA and lack of official experience, I’d have to search abroad. Yet, She told me one thing,

Pay Attention.

Pay attention to my surroundings. Pay attention to my actions. Pay attention to the state the world is in. Just as the body has different parts each working, independently as well as together, one effecting to the other, by paying attention, I can see how one event can affect so many others.

Pay Attention.

I have to allow myself to become more observant to my surroundings, I tend to ignore these impulses, yet I need to utilize and perfect them, because they play a much bigger role when used properly. I would be able to detect when danger is near, when someone is in need of help, or even when something I’m cooking is burning (an event that happens rather often.)

To be a Master in all aspects of one’s life, such as the Samurais were when they would practice the principles and ideals of Bushido. I must learn from their example and try to have a firm control over every aspect of my life. To date, I have my emotions in check, my thoughts and reckless impulses are not without balance, my Apathy tied to my Enthusiasm, My Focus tied to my Ambitions. Each and every one trait, balanced with something to prevent loss of control. Now I must learn to blend them together to form an awareness of my surroundings, my environment, even attempt to expand this awareness to encompass the world.

Pay attention, because you never know what might be right around the corner.

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