And then there was one…

Today, I’ve combined my two blogs into one, and now I should be able to manage and post more efficiently. So now I’m only seen on this, Red’s Journey. Although should I get inspired with some words of wisdom, I’ll be sure to post it.

So today I’ve finished my resume, and I’ve sent it to my brother, Vicky and I’ve let Norm looked over it as well. So we’ll see what changes will be needed.

My friend Baby has told me that she’d like to introduce me/hook me up with her Cousin, I’ll admit, that her cousin is somewhat attractive, but I figured, what’s the worst, I mean I might as well see where this goes, at the very least, it doesn’t pan out, and I don’t lose anything, so we’ll see how this goes.

So right now, I’m in the midst of transitions, my finals are Monday for Biochem and Tuesday for Microbio. and then, I’ll be done, I’ll be a carrier of a Science Major. This is going to be somewhat unsettling because now I’m going to have my loans looming over the back of my mind, and believe me,  it’s nothing to laugh at. I’m applying for a job as an assistant to a Pathologist, a Tissue Technician. Under direct supervision of a Pathologist, I hope I get the job, but as always, my fate is in God’s hands.

Here goes something.

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