Today, I met an Earth Angel

Heh, a self-proclaimed earth Angel, One of Baby’s Aunts, to be exact.

Today was Ghie’s (Baby’s sister) Graduation party, and I met a lot of relatives that I never knew existed in her family. I must admit, that I got that ‘Guest’ feeling, trying to be polite, and making sure I didn’t say anything offensive, but I was really welcomed in their family.

Auntie Angel (as I’ll always remember her as) commented on how rare and special it is for a friend to be welcomed into a family, now a days, and now that I’m reflecting upon it, that’s rather true. The last family friend we had, didn’t end very well, and resulted in us never seeing that individual again. Yet, I’ll always remember the good times.

All this has gotten me wondering how my life will end up once I’ve completed my journey, once I have achieved all of my goals and I can play that Final Fantasy Victory Theme for the final time. Granted, Life will go on, but when will I know that my journey has finally ended, and that is where I will settle and start making roots, raising a family, or start dedicating my life to a singular end.

Man, this is rather interesting, only a few years back, would I have simply written that off as simply “Meh, I’ll think about that if I live that long” and tie the future with an epic death at a young age, dying dramatically and heroically, for someone else. Such fun fantasies and dreams.

I suppose my name implies that I’m destined to father a great multitude, and lately, I’m thinking that this is metaphorical, as in, some ideal that I’ve bestowed upon another will be carried on, like Pay It Forward. That would be rather ideal, yet, as I gather more and more years, I’m slowly starting to realize that I’m in grave danger of dying an old man. A danger that I’ve never anticipated in my life, nor have prepared for it. Granted, my goal was to become a doctor, and some part of my consciousness has realized that I’ll be an adult when this occurs, yet the vast majority of my mind has clung to the childish epic flaming death at a young age, and now, more and more of that majority is slowly decreasing and has started thinking of old age.

I suppose with my fascination of Fire and Heroism, I’ve never predicted that I’d be an old man, so this is entirely my own fault for being an idiot. So now, What am I going to do? That’s simple, I’m going to hold fast to my ideals and principles and try to become the best old man, I can be: A Good old man. I will become an example for those who I interact with, and should I be called an ‘Old man’ then I must prove the contrary, that I will not become associated with that label: Old.

If I am to die an old man, I’ll be sure to be that old man popping wheelies in his wheelchair, or telling scary stories, or simply still be able to push people around regardless of how stronger they may be. I will be THAT old man.


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