Bachelor of Science: Biology: Biomedical Science/Pre-medicine with a Minor in Biophysics

This is the degree that I have obtained. What started at a community college has ended at a private university 6 years later. I suppose I’d finished earlier should I hadn’t switched to a Biophysics Major for two quarters, that would’ve prevented my graduation delay caused by Virology, due to poor teaching skills and unreasonable demands from my professor.

But I suppose that’s childish, blaming others for my inability to adapt to something difficult, I should’ve sought help and tried everything in my power to achieve a passing grade.

And now, I am here, with a degree assigned to my name. Granted, a B.S. now a days, isn’t worth much anymore, and there would be a lot more prestige had I had gotten it during the Graduation ceremony, but alas, I’m destined to have it done this way, God works in mysterious ways, and now that I have to keep moving forward with what God has given to me.

Now I have a blank path set before me, with this new item in my possession, I will use this to enter worlds that others cannot. A key, if you will, that opens doors to allow me one step closer towards reaching my goal: Doctor. I’m closer than I once was, and now I have time to try to make things right, my application wasn’t strong enough, and I now know that the school that I originally wanted to apply to, I was aiming for due to their Cardiology program, so there’s nothing saying that I can start my medical training elsewhere.

Now with no school for a while, I can start pursuing a solid training program, and rid myself of this spare tire, as well as become stronger, so that I can be healthier to improve my own quality of life, and to eventually take up a Martial Art. However, I need a job soon, as my current employment will be terminated by the week’s end. Not to mention that I’m going to need more money to pay for the things I need to do.

Now, all I can do is pray. Pray that apathy and sloth don’t overcome me, as I’m searching, for both the next step as well as the correct path to reach my goal. I’m in this thing for the long haul, and nothing is going to stop me from reaching this goal! Everything that I do is simply another step forward, regardless of how small.

Here goes everything!


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