Reflections Upon The Year 2011

It’s December, and this particular month symbolizes many things, One of them is the end of the current year. And when one faces the end of one thing, they tend to reflect upon the time spent, so here we go…

This year had many interesting things, one of the major ones was the Death of my father in September. That changed my life, rather significantly. Actually, this December, I finished my studies and have completed my Bachelor’s in Science degree, so that’s a milestone in my academic career.

This year, I have seen myself change from a Youth, who had knowledge of what were solidified morals and ethics, to a Traveler who lives in the Gray, forced into situations that constantly pushes him to his limits, wondering if each decision was the right one.

And now, just as the end of the year, signifies new changes, new challenges, new beginnings, for me, there’s much more at stake, as each step, can determine my fate in this world. Will this next step be the fatal one? Or will it be the step that allows me to finally bring honor to my Father’s Name? To allow me to earn the title, that is my name?

Sigh… So many questions have filled my mind, I remember a time when I didn’t have so many concerns, I was content with the world, and I was certain everything was going to be alright. Now, I cannot seem to have that anymore. I realize that I have to lose my “last-minute decision-making” skills and implement a “Plan ahead” which is something I never was really good at.

Needless to say, with the end of one year, starts a whole new chapter, with many different things I will have never faced before.

Looks like this is going to be interesting…

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