I am 10-07 for the final time

Tonight was my last shift as a Security Dispatcher, whenever someone is off-duty, we say that we are 10-07, to indicate ourselves as such. So since this is my last day at work, it is my Final 10-07, as I say good bye to dear friends that I’ve made there. I will not forget them, much like my friends at the Library, they mean a lot to me, despite whatever reason I have for being casual about my leaving. Yet this time, I find myself wanting to see them again, I didn’t want to leave everyone without saying good-bye so I made sure everyone knew I was leaving, because with that job, people hardly interacted with one another, because of the conditions of said job.

Well, now that I’m walking away from this job, I have to start thinking about my next move, I think I will study for the MCAT and take it in the Summer, if not sooner. I also need to find another job, because in 6 months time, I’m going to start getting letters from those who gave me loans throughout my time at LSU. Granted, there are cheats to this, one is taking a single class at any school, another is going to school again, which is something, I might consider, be it Nursing school, or Medical school. Another is faking my death, but as hilarious as that is, I’d feel bad about the people I’m leaving behind. I mean, I tell everyone I’m moving, and they get all bent out of shape, even friends like Lily and Alison, were rather unsettled and had wanted to see me one last time, before I go. Speaking of which, I need to set up something with them.

So that’s it, My next move will be to utilize my free time to it’s maximum capacity and find another job before time runs out, which is 6 months time. I need to find a job, volunteer, shadow a doctor or two, and study for the MCAT, because by then, I will have to make a decision that will determine the rest of my Life, and should I fall into apathy, then I’d be no better than those who have failed altogether. I have 24 hours each day, from now until the 6th month which is May, now it is time to make the most of all this, and to prove myself.

My flame hasn’t burned out yet, my sword is as sharp as ever and my journey in this world is not over yet!

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