Today, I had cleaned up my room (which was a horrendous mess) and organized everything in my possession from my textbooks, to my personal items, that I’ve collected from my journey in this life. Letters from old friends, well girls who liked me, mostly,  yet I find my self reading some excerpts from responses to various things in various books, responses that I had put, and I find that there wasn’t much transition between my ideals from back then, to how they are now. Heh, I even had a majority of the problems I had back then, now.

However, there was a lot of things that I saw that can help me solve some problems today, when faced with temptation of any kind, I found in a Spiritual guide, to not trust myself to uphold the Oaths I have taken, but to put faith into the Lord, to save me from said temptation. Also I find that when I really put my mind to it, avoiding the T.V. and randomly surfing the internet, I can be quite the industrious one, as I was able to accomplish quite a bit of small chores that have remained undone due to apathy and laziness.

I don’t want to call this a ‘New Year’s Resolution’ because, well let’s face it, they don’t work, so what I’m going to do is have it remain unlabelled, or rather ‘Something I have to do’ with this in my mind, I will be more likely to accomplish my goals of being more balanced in life and more industrious with my time. I’m going to try picking up reading, and training once again, however, starting tomorrow, I’m going to start looking for a job frantically. I was hoping that the Tissue Tech, would pan out, but alas, that’s not what God has in store for me. Oh well, back to the drawing board, which in this case would be searching and applying to all jobs available to me.

I like this new found ability to utilize the surprizing amount of time I have, now. No more vegging infront of the T.V. This time, I’m going to start making improvements on my own life.


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