Still Alive

Something very interesting has occurred, For the first time in my life, I have gotten sick twice in the same year. I’m not exactly sure how it happened, yet my instincts tell me that it was due to stressful events that has occurred over the last few days: Unexpected plumbing problems, Arguing with selfish Brothers, and all tied in with cold mornings and even colder evenings.

Although there is something interesting about this year as well, this is the first time that I’ve been able to have the resources to actually give presents to my family and those closest to me. This is a rather big achievement for me, because, for one, the gifts are rather funny, and ironic, and two, I have never done this before, so this is something I can pat myself on the back with. They’re even wrapped up and already placed under the tree, I’m rather proud of myself.

Now then, shifting the attention to other aspects of my world, I have to talk to someone at UCR, because one of the classes I took last summer, gave me a NC for a grade, now this was for Organic Chemistry, and I know I was there the entire time, granted, I had loads of enrollment problems, but I thought I had resolved them all. I will have to talk to Dr. Jenks, who helped me throughout the entire summer, that guy was really cool. I have to get this matter resolved, otherwise, I will not get my Degree, and I’ll be damned if I let this happen! I’ve come too far!

An additional unrelated note, I just beat Portal for the Xbox 360 today, it was a rather interesting game and the ending credits song as well, which is called, “Still Alive”, hence the title of this post.

Well I best be heading off now, I’m sick and I need some rest, not to mention that I have to make that disgusting Tea again! Blech! It’s effective, but still, I do not like it.

Guess, I should learn to take it easy, as I should let myself be absorbed in the spirit of the season, that I love so much.

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