Red’s Christmas 2011

Christmas this year went fantastically! Everyone loved their presents, and I was relieved to see how happy the people I gave presents to were. I was concerned that they wouldn’t like it, but each one of them was ecstatic! I, myself love the gifts that I have received, 3 funny shirts, which satisfies my recent love for; A new pair of pants, in the style that I’ve always been fond of; $45; a Black Crucifix Necklace; and a Warhammer Army Carrying Case, which goes for a Whopping $99! This was far more that what I could ask for, lol, although I think part of the reason why I got this, was so that I can be more organized and get rid of the make-shift storage containers that my army currently is in.

An additional present, focused mostly on the family, was a Case of Poker, complete with Official World Poker Tour Cards and Chips, along with our very own Poker table. Heh, As we’re setting up the folding Table, we found a strap that was tied between the two legs, which made setting it up difficult, so Vicky, who bought the gift for us, decided to cut the troublesome strap, so now that we set the table up we realized that the table folded inward. To our surprise, that cut strap was meant to prevent that thing from happening…

Whoops. But at least we made a deal to play Poker with them once a month, starting with next month.

But aside from the presents, the Meal was Tamales, Carne Tostadas, and Soda, Dawn brought home-made Empanadas, Steph and Josue brought Pies, and it was our first Christmas that did not have a meal that was similar to Thanksgiving…

And more importantly, this is the first Christmas without my father.

The Death of my father was in the beginning of September, which marked the beginning of the family-oriented months that followed, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and ultimately Christmas and New Years. These holidays were times when the family stayed close together, and spent time bonding. But now those times are gone. Now my father won’t be there to  tell me what to do, he won’t laugh at me when I mess up and act like my natural idiotical self, and he won’t be there to out-eat me during our family meals, I am certain that were he here, he would’ve eaten 8 tamales, while I only ate 3.

Alas, I’m happy with this Christmas, not only was I able to give presents to all of the family members, but everyone, not just me, was happy with their presents, but more importantly, this Christmas is a sign that we are strong enough to endure the things to come, to move past the event of my Father’s Death, and weather any storm that God has decided to bless us with, and I am saying this with sincerity, and not with sarcasm.

I will continue to live because my Father would not want me to simply mourn and cry and sit around, he never rested and always faced events as they come, and I will do the same.

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