2 Days Before New Year’s in Vegas

It’s Tuesday and it’s planned for us to go to Las Vegas on Friday Morning, therefore we have 2 days to get everything planned. Food, Clothes (like my 3 Geeky shirts that I got from Christmas along with my new pair of pants), Blankets, my Camera, and possibly some cash to have fun with, obviously my Phone and Wallet, and what else?

I always take my Swiss army knife with me, just in case of anything. I’m bringing my iPod, because it’s a 4 hour drive, and reading would get me dizzy. I have to think warm, so I have to bring a jacket as well as my sweater, possibly sweatpants to sleep in. I think I’ll bring my laptop as well, because my camera can only store so many images, and with my laptop it’ll clear it as I’m transferring them from the camera to my laptop, easy. Chargers and extra batteries I will bring as well… Unfortunately, I only have those for my camera only.

I suppose that’s about it, I shouldn’t plan on bringing too much due to the fact that I will be walking around enjoying the views and having my mind be elsewhere, not to mention that were I to bring too much, I’ll run the fear of getting it stolen/lost. So it’s best if I bring minimal things.

The van needs to be checked before we go, Tires, fluids, everything has to be set in order for this trip to go off without a hitch. Thursday is when we’ll pack the clothing and food that we’re going to bring, it’s just stuff to snack on for the journey, and to finalize everything so that we have no worries.

I must admit that I’m rather ecstatic on going, even though I don’t really show it, I’m getting anxious. This will be the first time that I have the resources to gamble with, the last time I was in a casino, I was in Casino Morongo and I didn’t have any cash on me, but this time will be different. I can only hope that I’ve recovered from my little cold in time for the celebrations, that way I won’t get dizzy from cheering so much, and be able to take in as much Las Vegas as possible, without any distractions.

Heh, now my only hope is to win something over there, but it is Vegas, I can’t expect much except to have fun.

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