At Dawn, We Ride…

Tomorrow is that day that we, (Norm, Greggy, and myself) take the van and head to Las Vegas for New Year’s. Everything is set and we’re ready and not to mention, excited. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do, but I know a lot of walking is involved, and I’ll be sporting my new leather jacket that I just got today, not to mention that the entire time, I’ll be wearing my new shirts that I got for Christmas, they’re geeky, but I don’t care.

One thing I found was that those that I told I was going to Vegas for New Year’s were both shocked and happy for me. I guess in my personality I’m more reserved and I guess they wouldn’t think that I’m the kind of guy that’ll go somewhere and do something like that. Heh… I can’t say that I blame them, though, I’m not stuck-up or anything, but I am quite calm and mellow when it comes to things like this.

Another part of my day has been somewhat revolving around a particular girl named Jenny, or as I would call her Princess. She’s a rather strange girl, she’s somewhat of an intellectual woman, yet perfectly balanced with a teenage girl. Her mind is a mixture of both Pretty Pink with Barbies with the sound foundations of a mature woman. Her perspective on life is interesting, though, she sees the world in eyes that I haven’t seen in anywhere else except… my own. She and I do not have the same view, but we are similar in more ways that I can possibly admit, she has no problem confessing to me that she has feelings for me, due to the fact that she’s on the other side of the nation, so she believes that there wouldn’t be anything between us. Yet, I find myself wondering… Pondering on the scenarios of “What if’s” that involve her. Well I’m an elemental man, so if she doesn’t meet certain requirements, then a future with her will not be possible, I’ve walked out on other potentials that have failed to meet with this criteria, and it’s not even difficult, however if not met, then a relationship is not possible.

What I’m talking about when I mean ‘elemental’ is the quirks and traits a person is born with and is, unfortunately, stuck with: Scent, Laugh, Facial Structure, etc.

No matter how much you add, you cannot change how you naturally smell, if a girl doesn’t smell right to me, then I wouldn’t be with her, regardless of how attractive she is, etc. This is also tied to smokers, as I would not be with them.

A Girl’s laughter should be music to the males ears, if she has some sort of cackle, then that’s just not very appealing as my natural state is to make her laugh all of the time.

Other factors become less important than these 2, yet without these, no relationship is possible. I don’t know why I’m of said manner, but I cannot stand it, if I don’t find the scent of the girl appealing, I suppose if she finds a way to change her scent then she would’ve done it by now, but if not, then I can’t do it.

Well it appears that I’m now ranting, and I have to wake up early tomorrow… So I’ll end it here, I’ll be back to have my first post of the new year, until then, I’ll see you around.

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