The First Post of 2012

I’m back from Las Vegas, and unfortunately, my computer crashed so I lost literally half of the pictures and videos I’ve taken while at Vegas.

Aside from that, I have been planning my exercising routine, so that when I get started on my Training, I will be able to achieve maximum results, while avoiding any crashes and unhealthy foods. So far my plan is pretty solid, and my head hung in shame when I calculated my BMI and BMR, but alas, I was rather lazy, so that’s somewhat expected.

For now, I will strive to achieve my goals of maintaining my resolutions, but first I will spend the first few days planning on achieving them, and then I will spend the rest of the year focused on them. So I’ll be making a trip to the $1 Bookstore at the local mall, or I’ll be making frequent trips to the Library, which is significantly closer. I can only hope that I’ll be able to maintain this, because that’ll help my drive to achieve doctor-hood much more efficiently.

But for now, I’ll need to take it slow, for moderation is key, and were I to push myself too hard, I’ll burn out and lose my drive. So I’ll give myself a week to plan everything, from my reading to my training, and then starting the 9th I’ll carry out my plans, if not sooner.

Here goes something! For the New Year!

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