This Year is going to be Interesting

I’ve been trying to plan out exactly how I’m going about to perform my exercises and methods of improving myself. So far I have planned that at 7pm, I’ll exercise. So now, I’m curious to plan some reading or studying at 6pm, an hour before that.

Afterwards, I can leisurely read some of the books that I’ve planned. I think for this month, I will read The Republic by Plato, I’m certain that this will be a great book to start with. I’m contemplating whether or not to go get the actual book, or to read it online. I’m leaning towards an actual book, because thanks to my pterygium, my right eye gets weaker when I’m staring at a computer screen for too long.

So Monday January 9th, I will begin my exercises, I will attempt this Powerhowse program that I bought some time ago, I’ve been meaning to test it out, and I’m fairly certain that it’ll help me become stronger, stronger so that I can be more useful, so that I can prove my worth, that I’m not some brainiac, but a renaissance man, a polymath, someone who’s strength lies not only in one field, like in my case, just intellect, but also in actual Strength.

I have to define my purpose for training, otherwise I’ll just burn out, and get demotivated.

I have to get stronger, for the sake of Balance, for Peace of Mind, for the Strength to Let Go of my Anger, to Resist my Temptations, Not to mention that it’ll be hypocritical of me to tell people to take better care of themselves when I don’t do it myself.

I have to do it, because how else can I serve others to my maximum potential?

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