Consequences for Idiocy

Two days ago, I realized that the paystub I got in the mail wasn’t my official last paycheck, it was the paystub for my actual last paycheck which I received in December, before I went to Las Vegas. So I’m as poor as I was when I came back, a measly $13 to my name. With this, my dreams of attending a Dojo at the start of this year remains unfulfilled. Heh, what a fool I am. To think that I had another paycheck coming at me, when I knew the previous one was my last.

And now, punishment for my idiocy, I was recovering from a sickness before I left for Vegas, and yet, during New Year’s Day I couldn’t shout for I had lost my voice. And then upon our return, Greggy got sick and infected the rest of us, now I am currently going through a head-cold, no coughing or clearing of the throat, everything with this illness lies within my head. I’m so congested that I can barely breathe through my nostrils, and my thoughts are slow and I cannot think straight, along with this, my nose likes to drip or leak at random times, which is greatly inconvenient.

Suffice to say, this sucks. But alas, it’s only temporary, as all things in life, I should try to see this as inspiration to train on my own, or rather with Norm, since I cannot go to a dojo, so I won’t feel like Kenichi anytime soon… Oh well. I have to make do with what I have before me. I just have to take care of myself and I’ll be alright, soon, I’ll be working again, and have my Degree, which, I will hang on my wall… I’m kind of looking forward to it, well, I should, because it’s the milestone that I’ve been fighting for for quite some time, I don’t know why apathy comes when I’m thinking about my future… Almost as if, I don’t want to succeed, or pursue my goal of becoming a doctor. But why else would I be alive? I know I am meant for something in this world, I just have to keep moving forward, keep progressing, start doing all of the things I have to do, like volunteer and study for the MCAT.

I bet living in the city would make my Degree more useful, as I could be of some help to scientists, but there are none around, Riverside is the closest and that’s not saying much. I have to try to keep looking for a job, but I’m afraid I must lower my standards on what kind of job I should look for, because I’m going to need this money to help pay for everything. Oh well, I have to go, my head cold is causing me to not think properly…

I’ll see you around.

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