“If we’ve come this far, that only means that we can go further”

Quite a few things has happened recently…

3 days ago, I was praying the Rosary, and upon the dedication part of it, I was asking God, my Father, and everyone else who was listening to my prayers to help me. To help me know I’m on the right path, to help me achieve my goals of becoming a Doctor, a man who lives a life of servitude, and ultimately, Study and perform stellar on the MCAT. As I was talking to God, He let my mind wander and my thoughts ran across many images but ultimately finishing with a single phrase:

“If you have come this far, and achieved this much, then that’s evidence that you can go further and achieve more…”

I wrote down this phrase and now it stands next to my 2 Fortune Cookie fortunes. Now it’ll serve as a reminder that, despite my achievements, I’m not finished yet, there’s still more to be done…

That night, I had a dream, I was learning to fly with the Wings on my back something like an angel or birdman, yet I was being taught with 2 other guys, and we were all tied together by our legs. We were standing on an enlarged Pomegranate branch, in the front yard, and I was the 2nd one in line, the first guy jumped and flew off, I held my ground as the roped tugged, but he remained afloat. I somehow was hanging off on the side of the branch yet I pushed off anyways and took flight, I felt the wind flow through me as my wings caught the breeze and I soared over the street. I caught onto a wall and jumped off from there floating as my leg was being pulled by the 3rd person who was still on the branch. He looked scared, he was younger than me, but he refused to jump and fly, I couldn’t go any further because the 3 of us were tied together, yet I still flew. Suddenly, I was in the Garage at the very end, listening to ‘Si No Te Hubieras Ido’ by Mana, when suddenly I heard a voice singing the song behind me, I turned and saw my Father. I’ve never dreamed about him before, but just as soon as I saw him, however he turned and walked away, but when I saw him, I ran to him proclaiming, “I can fly! Dad, I can fly!” Then I woke up…

I told my mother about it and she told me that this is a symbolization that I’m on the right path. The 1st guy who flew before me was my guardian angel, Joan, who was protecting me and watching out for me, the 3rd individual was my temptation, those urges that cause me to take the easy path and give up, instant Pleasure, rather than earning Joy. I must keep my wits about me and be careful with what I do otherwise I’ll find myself giving in to that.

About my father, she told me to listen to the song and find out what the message is about. The song itself is about not being able to live without someone, how life become gray and dreary without that special person. I loved my father, and yet, I have always felt that if I wasn’t strong enough to live without him, then I’ve failed him. His death was sudden, but I loved him and remain strong because that’s what I’ve always thought he’d want me to be…

Well last Saturday was Josue’s Birthday, and he visited on Sunday, but it was just Greggy and myself, so we couldn’t do much for entertainment, not to mention that we were caught off-guard again due to his lack of calling us ahead of time, yet we still cut the cake we bought him and made hamburgers in honor of his day of Birth, so it wasn’t much of a celebration, yet Norm said that we’ll try to do something due to the fact that he was at work at the time.

Well tomorrow, I’m going to turn in my Resume, to the Community hospital that Nena used to work at. Hopefully they’ll have a position opened for me to work, but I’m willing to take a volunteering and/or shadowing experience, if nothing else. Well I’ve traded enough sleep for this journal entry, not to mention that I didn’t read tonight, well didn’t read a lot, but I did read a nice excerpt from a letter that Abraham Lincoln wrote to his son’s friend who didn’t get into Harvard. One particular part of it really stuck out to me:

“In your Temporary failure there is no evidence that you may not yet be a better scholar, and a more successful man in the great struggle of life, than many others who have entered college more easily.”

I can only hope that these words can apply to myself as well. I’ve always admired Lincoln, he was a fellow Abraham, and he has taught me a great many things… Like my father did.

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