A windy day

Today, was a normal day, however we prayed a rosary, Mom, John, Greggy and myself, and at the end, Mom wanted us to pray directly to the Rosa Majestica statue, and from the moment I closed my eyes, I started begging for forgiveness. For all that I’ve done, my thoughts, my words, and my actions. I’ve just prayed for forgiveness. I couldn’t think of anything else to pray for, all I wanted was to be forgiven.

Now, my thoughts are wondering as to why this was. Was there some evil I did that was so great to have my thoughts begging for forgiveness? I can’t think of anything, yet my whole heart was yearning for it, the power of forgiveness… what a strange power to have over someone… Well the Lady of the Rose obviously has powers of forgiveness over some lost soul like myself. Yet I shouldn’t be surprized to yearn for forgiveness, I have a lot of sins to pay for and I’m constantly praying for the chance to enter medical school.

I have to try harder, ‘God helps those who help themselves.’ I can’t quit now.

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