Opera of Nox noctis

I’m getting really interested in this 8tracks website. I’ve created 2 mixes and one of them is themed after a dark opera music, like Dancing Mad, a Little Piece of Heaven, and the like. It’s kind of interesting, creating themed music lists. One has the ability to be as random and broad as possible but still remain true to the theme.

Other than that, I’m almost done with the Garage, all that’s left are just parts and pieces that I have no idea whether or not they’ll still useful. Norm needs to look over that, but he’s taking his time in doing so. I email Dr. Greer because he wanted to ‘chew the fat’ with me a while ago, but I’ve been so swamped with all these things that I’ve forgotten.

In terms of moving, Mom has decided on Corona as her final destination. I don’t mind, the house is great, my thoughts are focused on medical school, however, Where I should apply, and this is in terms of where in the Nation I should apply to. Texas A&M is the cheapest medical school in state, Loma Linda is the sister school of LSU, and I don’t know where else exactly I should apply, I’ll have to take some suggestions from various sources.

I’m going to resume my studying for the MCAT tomorrow, I’ve used this weekend to relax and take a break from it, but I need to resume. I need to study hard.

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